Ten C – Inspired by Japanese craftsmanship

Named after the Danish tale by Hans Christian Andersen, The Emperor’s New Clothes or Ten C forces us to look beyond fads and trends and towards the value of well-crafted clothing built to last a lifetime.

Ten C

Founded by Alessandro Pungetti and Paul Harvey, who previously worked together at C.P. Company. Pungetti has deep fabric experience which matches perfectly with Harvey’s design history at Stone Island.

“You just have to feel a Ten C garment and you know. It is the same as when you pick up a Rolex, or a pair of Church’s, and you just know it’s right. It’s about understanding.” – Paul Harvey

The garments are all made exclusively in Italy, but the inspiration comes from Japanese craftsmanship. More specifically, from Japanese engineered textiles, with particular attention to OJJ – Original Japanese Jersey.

With minimal branding and more focus on the importance of quality, timelessness, and fabrications – Ten C compares their outerwear to the way a pair of denim trouser is worn and ages well over time. Created to live and age with the wearer, Ten C’s superb fabrications will mould over time to create your own personal fit and create a timeless outerwear piece that is unequivocally yours and only yours.

Ten C

Ten C

Adding further appeal to the idea of a jacket for life – Ten C adds many modular capabilities to their pieces, allowing for versatility in wear and customisation with functional liners and hoods. All in all, being able to masterfully create timeless outerwear that merges high-end fabrications with an adaptable and hard-wearing sensibility means each Ten C piece is simply outerwear that can last a lifetime.


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