British Luxury since 1860

Sunspel was founded in England in 1860 and was first brand to introduce the t-shirt and boxer shorts to the English market. To this day, they make beautiful, everyday clothing that forms the foundation of the modern wardrobe. At Lund & Lund we are proud to deliver a very personal interview with both CEO Nicholas Brooke and Head of Sales Michael Otero. Enjoy!


What does Sunspel heritage mean for you? Your brand has an extraordinary history but what is really Sunspel’s DNA?

Much has changed since Sunspel began more than 160 years ago – but what drives our business has not. Our DNA can be summed up in a few simple words; do things as well as possible and do the right thing. This is coupled with the principles of an unrelenting commitment to exceptional quality materials, constant improvement and innovation, and the very best craftsmanship.

Tell us about your new developments, the factories you use and your continuous process to modernize your brand?

One of the most important elements of our heritage is our dedication to innovation. We’re always looking to improve, from our natural materials and designs to the manufacturers we work with. One of the biggest changes we’ve made in the last few years is upgrading our cotton to Supima cotton. It’s a high-quality, extra-long staple cotton that’s also fully traceable to its Californian farm of origin. As a result, we know it's farmed environmentally responsibly and it allows us to trace our entire supply chain through the manufacturers, spinners, weavers and dyers, right to the source of the raw material. That’s very important to us.

“Sunspel appeals to the current appetite for timelessly understated British style.”
 - The Telegraph

Using Supima cotton, we’ve recently developed several new fabrics, which is again something we’ve always prided ourselves on. These include a new linear mesh, cotton waffle and carbon brush 2x2 rib. These are specially designed to be both functional but also exceptionally comfortable.


Which fabrics do you use and how they fit into your house style in terms of design and function for contemporary men?

More than 80% of our products are cotton, and as mentioned much of this is Supima cotton. The other main raw material we use is wool. We only work with the highest-quality cashmere, merino and lambswool and take great care to ensure every yarn comes from a sustainable source and is non-mulesed. Drawing on our underwear heritage, we turn these into functional, comfortable knitwear fabrics, and work with Britain and Europe’s finest manufacturers to craft the final product. For example, our lambswool and cashmere knitwear is made in Scotland where it is washed in natural Scottish spring water which opens up the fibres and gives the final piece a beautifully soft and smooth feel against the skin.

The style of our knitwear is designed to be understated and timeless. It is all about the fit and cut. When combined with the exceptionally high quality of the wool, this means each piece will be a wardrobe essential for many years to come.

You are well-known for both your classic T-shirt and Riviera polo. How do you decide on your new product lines, and what can we expect from Sunspel in the future?

We pride ourselves on our heritage of creating timeless wardrobe staples and today our offering includes a complete wardrobe collection. When developing new product lines, our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation remains at the forefront of every decision we make and our icons like the Classic T-shirt and Riviera Polo Shirt set the standard for these. Every new piece is designed to be functional, comfortable and stylish, and made by the best manufacturers from the finest natural materials, just like both these icons.

The Covid-19 pandemic was a significant setback for the entire industry and the economic situation around the globe is still challenging, what is your take on the current trends?

It’s difficult to predict the future, but there is a tremendous amount of uncertainty at the moment. In times like this, people turn to brands they can trust and have credibility. People also tend to want understated, luxury clothing that looks timeless and stylish and not overtly flamboyant. Buying clothes that last is also becoming more and more important not just because it makes sense economically but because people are realising that short-lived fashion trends are unsustainable.

Our clothes are made from natural materials that are farmed environmentally responsibly and they are made to last both in their design and manufacture.


Finally, a highly personal question: Sport coat with odd trousers or a shirt jacket with denim, if you had to choose one pair for the rest of your life and why?

Sport coat with odd trousers. I find it personally more versatile. You could comfortably wear it to work, travel in it and wear it in the evening too.


British Luxury since 1860