Sunspel was founded in England in 1860 and was first brand to introduce the t-shirt and boxer shorts to the English market. To this day, they make beautiful, everyday clothing that forms the foundation of the modern wardrobe.

Sunspel is a true British heritage brand with a contemporary approach. They have been handcrafting garments for over 160 years, building a global reputation for uncompromising quality, timeless design and luxury fabrics. We at Lund & Lund, are proud to offer their iconic products in our online store.

The T-shirt
Sunspel played a pivotal role in the birth of this universal wardrobe staple. The origins of the t-shirt can be traced back to as early as 1913 when the US Navy replaced the standard issue square-necked, shoulder-buttoning shirt, with a woollen, cropped sleeve undershirt.

As exporters of cotton underwear throughout the British Empire, Sunspel perfected the art of making these undershirts softer, lighter, more breathable and ultimately more comfortable than ever before. This was a defining moment in the development of the t-shirt as we know it today. A heritage that gives Sunspel a certain expertise when it comes to knowing exactly what it takes to make the best t-shirt possible.

Photo: Sunspel

The Polo Shirt
The polo shirt as we know it today made its debut at the US Open in 1929. The short-sleeved shirt was the brainchild of tennis superstar Rene Lacoste and was made from a lightweight pique cotton jersey. It featured a three button placket and a soft collar that was just stiff enough to be turned up to protect the neck from the hot summer sun.

Sunspel signature Riviera is a true James Bond Polo Shirt. First developed in the 1950s and later tailored for Daniel Craig in his role as 007, it has become a modern classic. The fit is precise, the details are refined and the fabric is remarkably soft; striking the smart-casual balance with ease.

Photo: Sunspel

The Boxer Shorts
The first woven cotton shorts to feature an elasticated waistband were developed for boxers in 1926 when Jacob Golomb founded Union Underwear. He provided fighters with a lighter, more comfortable alternative to the leather belted versions that they had previously worn. By the thirties, the demand for greater comfort led Golomb to manufacture everyday versions of the boxer short under licence to renowned US underwear brand, Fruit of the Loom.

Sunspel’s own John Hill not only introduced the boxer short to Britain in 1947, he also perfected its design. This, together with our obsession with discovering and developing exceptional fabrics, make us confident that ours are the best boxer shorts that you will ever wear.

Photo: Sunspel