Borrelli is Back at Lund & Lund

According to the Forbes Magazine, if there were ever a Vatican for luxury shirt brands; Borrelli would easily assume the title of the Pope. Simply put, the exclusive fabrics along with the pride in craftsmanship lends an air of aristocracy to the Luigi Borelli name. And we had to have it back at Lund & Lund.

Luigi Borrelli Napoli

Finest dress shirt in Italy fit for a King

Borrelli is a long-standing family business that has manufactured handmade garments and accessories for the world's most powerful people throughout the decades. Presidents, kings and business leaders have worn Borrelli's shirts. Despite the fact that there are many fantastic shirt manufacturers in Naples, Borrelli still has a special position. In many places around the world, Luigi Borrelli is the Neapolitan luxury shirt. The best brand ambassador of all time was surely Vittorio Emanuele III di Savoia. He was King of Italy until 1946, and bestowed on Borrelli the honorary title of "Fornitore della real casa di Savoia".

Luigi Borrelli Napoli

How Borrelli developed its unique approach

The company Luigi Borrelli was born in 1957, but its tradition is even older as it dates back to about 1904, when the mother of Mr. Luigi Borrelli was a shirt maker in the province of Naples. The company's DNA is "handmade" with which it finishes all its garments. In a time when the industrial product was at its highest expression, Borrelli continued to make its products in a traditional way.

In 1987 Fabio Borrelli, Luigi’s son, established the winning business formula, the Luigi Borrelli products, took this identity and become a little “object d’art” for the wardrobe of sophisticated connoisseurs, in particular, the shirt, recognized worldwide as "The Neapolitan shirt."

Luigi Borrelli Napoli

The company is runt today by the fourth generation Borrelli, more precisely by Luigi Borrelli Junior and his sister Carola Maria Borrelli. According to them, the future is about bringing in small details from the company's history, not least the craftsmanship, to expand what the Luigi Borrelli Napoli brand encompasses.

All garments are manufactured in Naples, as this is one of the foundations of the brand. In addition, the quality and design customers have come to expect from Borrelli is secured by the guarantee that Neapolitan tailors and seamstresses are behind every stitch.

Luigi Borrelli Napoli

What makes Borrelli shirt different?

One part of the shirt that Borrelli found to be excessively stiff when sewn by machine is the point where basting and the sleeve are joined. In this case, they revived the hand stitched seam so that the armhole conforms to the body's natural stance.

Borrelli only trust the best embroideresses to hand stitch the collar; it is the most delicate part of the entire process and their sewers have an extremely delicate hand. Through this technique, the sensation of having one's skin caressed starts.

The way the shirt fits the shoulders is another important aspect for the comfort of the shirt. Here Borrelli also applies the hand stitching technique. As a result, the tension of a machine sewn seam is eliminated, and the shirt keeps its softness and comfortable fit.

The gusset is that small white taffeta triangle that joins the back to the front. In Borrelli shirts, the seams are exclusively hand stitched so that they are more resistant.

This is the tab that closes the sleeve vent. Borrelli feels their embroideresses should sew it by hand as it is one of the small details that distinguish and make their shirts really unique.

The button holes of a shirt should wear well in time, they should be both flexible and resistant. It is truly fascinating to observe the weaving of the threads as they are embroidered by the skilled artisans.

In sewing the buttons Borrelli reintroduced the invisible "three points stitch". This is one of the elements that caracterizes traditional Neapolitan shirtmaking, a uniquely beautiful art only accomplished by expert hands.

The bottom part of the front placket is entirely hand stitched, giving a new elegance and allowing an easier ironing.

The new collection

Made in the best fabrics and timeless style, the same way they were almost a century ago – Borrelli shirts never feel dated. And this is why we are proud to have them back at Lund & Lund.


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