Kamakura Shirts Original Vintage Ivy

The idea was to start a specialty shirt store that sold high quality products at an honest price, a completely new take on the retail business models of the past. Fairness and respect would be paid to the makers of the shirts, the factory workers, prioritized through direct communication.

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The Grey Fresco Trousers
Years ago, a man bought a pair of grey fresco trousers with button fly and double inwards pleats. He loved those trousers because his wife said they made him look tall and handsome. The man had an important job. He wore his grey trousers on many travels.
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Begg x Co Made In Scotland

Based in the small Scottish coastal towns of Ayr and the home of cashmere, Hawick, Begg x Co make and design every collection at their own mill. Stark yet staggeringly beautiful, Ayr’s paradox of industry and nature is at the heart of everything Begg x Co does.

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