Introducing Our New Shirts

At Lund & Lund, we love all products that we have in store and only develop when necessary, either in terms of price point or the design itself. We also aim to improve and develop our existing products further, based on the customer feedback and our preferences that change with the test of time.

Photo: Lund & Lund

To introduce our new shirts made in collaboration with Vanacore Napoli, we have worked closely with our customers to understand what they want the perfect shirt to look like. Here is the result based on the feedback for the past three years.

Photo: Lund & Lund

The Maker
Vanacore Napoli was established in 2010. The balance of innovation and handicraft of skilled artisans gives life to outstanding, quality shirts. Many of the workers previously worked at Luigi Borrelli, which is one of the finest shirt makers in the world today, and our older customers might recognise some of the details in the making. This is why we made our new shirts with total of nine handmade steps, rather than previous two steps. Shoulder seams, armholes, buttonholes and various other parts are fully sewn by hand, according to the old Neapolitan school of shirt making.

Photo: Lund & Lund
Previous collar front height vs. new collar front height

The Collar
This is new, improved shirt model with slightly curved, cutaway collar that has a lower front height than before. While the shape of the collar is the same, the space between the collar points and the body when wearing the tie is now better, because the front of the collar itself, is lower. The height of collar back is 4cm high as in earlier versions.

The Body
Initially we made classic Neapolitan shirts with ruffed shoulder and back seam, called "Arriccio" and the body was slim fit. Now, we opted for a clean shoulder and back with fitted body, that is neither too slim nor too wide. The arms are also slightly longer, perhaps more similar to Barba Dandylife models. This change allows for many more body types.

Photo: Lund & Lund

The Fabric
Making highest quality shirts requires highest quality of the fabrics. As we had previous experience with Canclini in our MTM program, we selected four different fabrics in luxury cotton poplin that range from plain white and sky blue to thin blue stripe and white shirt with double blue stripe.

The Price
Priced below 100 Hands and Barba Napoli, but slightly above our machine made shirts, this is a perfect choice for both work and a night out. Lund & Lund x Vanacore new shirt proposition is simply unbeatable when comes to quality-price ratio. We sincerely hope you will enjoy our new offerings available here.


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