Valstar vas founded in Milan, in 1911 and has quickly built a reputation for fine-quality outerwear. Originally a manufacturer of rainproof outerwear in heavy cotton fabrics, the brand found its calling in the mid-1930s with a sporty take on the traditional A-1 flight jacket.

Photo: Valstar

Before coming up with A-1 jacket design, Valstar was actually an English maker of raincoats. In 1911, it moved to Italy and became the first Italian manufacturer of rainwear.

This sartorial approach also manifests itself in flexibility to make a wide variety of color and material combinations such as English wools, luxurious flannel linings, horn buttons, and all the trimmings only available on tailor-made clothing.

Photo: Valstar

Personal Approach
Valstar is a relatively small company and prides itself on taking a personal approach to outerwear, always spending a considerable amount of attention on selecting superior materials as well as on the construction details and trimmings, making their products some of the best pieces of outerwear manufactured in the world today.