The Grey Fresco Trousers

Lund & Lund

Years ago, a man bought a pair of grey fresco trousers with button fly and double inwards pleats. He loved those trousers because his wife said they made him look tall and handsome. The man had an important job. He wore his grey trousers on many travels. Their fluid yet dry wool moulded nicely to his athletic frame, often paired with a navy blazer, black shoes, white shirt, and tie. The trousers loved the man too, especially as the man always kept them clean and pressed.

Lund & Lund

Years passed, and styles changed. The man used his grey fresco trousers more casually, with brown brogue shoes, argyle socks and soft V-neck pullovers. His favourite cotton watch strap matched well with his grey fresco trousers, adding a sense of adventure and vigour, as he played in the backyard with his children.

The man grew older and put his grey trousers away to the back of his closet. The grey fresco trousers were lonely and missed their owner, longing for the days when they were worn to fine restaurants and family gatherings.

Lund & Lund

Many more years passed, and the children were now grown-ups. The man was now very old. He decided to move into a small flat, together with his wife. His daughter, now a young woman, was there to move the closet, and she went through everything. Finally, she came to the grey fresco trousers.

She touched the fabric and swiftly slipped into the trousers. They fit her very well, with their high waist and full legs. She took them along with the other clothes she liked and went to her apartment.

The grey trousers now lived a new life, different than before. They were often worn to libraries, friend’s sofas, and cosy cafes. The trousers also found new friends in soft overcoats, sweet perfumes, and chunky cardigans. The woman wore the trousers graciously on every occasion.

Lund & Lund

The woman and her grey trousers went for walks in the park. They sat on the blanket and watched the children play. The trousers were now old, but they reminded her of her childhood, youth and all the lovely moments she remembered whenever she wore the grey fresco trousers. The woman was joyful with her grey trousers, and the trousers were happy with her.

After many years, the man passed away. The woman, now middle-aged, checked the trousers carefully. "They are made by Lund & Lund," she thought, admiring the hand-written label inside. She had them dry-cleaned and pressed again. Then she went to Sturegatan 12, where the shop is still located.

The owners brought the old books and found the trousers. Ing. Hans Hanes, in May 1959. The grey fresco trousers were fashionable now, just as when they were made, they concluded.

Lund & Lund

Lund & Lund

Fresco wool is naturally wrinkle-resistant, which makes it a great choice for the frequent traveller. The original Fresco fabric was patented in 1907. As per our books, the original Made-to-Measure order no. 2497 for Mr. Hanes cost 59 Swedish krona.

Lund & Lund would like to thank Helene Hanes and her family, for letting us use private photos and telling the true-to-life story of her grey fresco trousers.


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