The Most Beautiful Handkerchiefs In The World

The Simonnot-Godard house, founded in 1787, represents the last French creators of woven handkerchiefs. They produce only linen and cotton handkerchiefs, made of the finest yarns.


During the 19th century, Simonnot-Godard specialized in the production of fine linens, batistes, home and bed fabrics. Simonnot was a boutique in the East of France and Godard was a fabricant based in Paris with all home weavers in the north of France. In 1850, Louis Victor Simonnot married Marie Godard and they became only one family business. In the 20th century, they started Haute Couture for ladies, supplying all ladies fabrics for Chanel, Dior, Lanvin, Yves Saint Laurent, and others. At that time the handkerchief was only a small part of the business.

Starting as a salesman in the family business, Benjamin Simonnot bought the business with his wife in 1999 and decided to focus only on handkerchiefs and accessories leaving out all other products which they were not competitive enough.

Based on extensive archives design and old books, they still weave all the handkerchiefs in their atelier in France with Jacquard techniques and artisanal methods. Once an exclusive pattern is selected from the archive, the team studies and dyes each coloured yarn individually to match the original colours.


Once woven, the fabrics are sent to the East of France, where the mountains have very clean water. Here, in a small factory, the mercerising, washing, and the special technique of bleaching is done. Once these steps are finished, all fabrics come back to the Simonnot-Godard atelier for another inspection before being cut and hand-rolled by skilled artisans.

"The most beautiful handkerchiefs in the world." – Hugo Jacomet

The handkerchief made by the house, is a unique experience, a product authentically artisan, which respects the know-how and the care of the family. For each collection, the in-house archives are researched in-depth and serve as a source of inspiration out of which designs and motives that are part of the brand's history are created - some of which are strictly historical, and others that they then reinterpret with a contemporary twist.

Photo: Alex Crown

From the yarn to the finished product five months are required to finish a Simonnot-Godard handkerchief, with traditional and artisanal methods, making the products very exclusive and luxurious.

The modern affluent and elegant man has returned to high-quality products made in Europe using authentic, traditional manufacturing techniques. This trend has allowed Simonnot-Godard to enjoy a popular rebound in recent years.

The Simonnot-Godard house is perhaps the world's most treasured producer of fine handkerchiefs, as it actively participates in the evolution of classic style. In addition to handkerchiefs, the house offer a range of products of the highest quality, always with the same impeccable attention to detail.



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