Simonnot Godard

The Simonnot-Godard house, founded in 1787, represents the last French creators of woven handkerchieves. They produce only linen and cotton handkerchieves, made of the finest yarns.

Photo: Ardentes Clipei

"The most beautiful handkerchiefs in the world", said Hugo Jacomet, the creative force behind The Parisian Gentleman and a fine connoisseur of artisanal products. He meant the Simmonot-Godard handkerchiefs of course.

The Simonnot-Godard house, founded in 1787, represents the last French creators of woven handkerchieves. For over 200 years, Simonnot-Godard produce only linen and cotton handkerchieves, made of the finest yarns. Today, this tradition is available through some of the most prestigious stores in the world.

Photo: Ardentes Clipei

The handkerchief made by the house, is a unique experience, a product authentically artisan, which respects the know-how and the care of the family. For each collection, the in-house archives are researched in-depth and serve as a source of inspiration out of which designs and motives that are part of the brand's history are created - some of which are strictly historical, and others that they then reinterpret with a contemporary twist.

Photo: Ardentes Clipei

All handkerchiefs are traditionally made by hand. The hem-rolling is at the heart of the know-how of hand sewing and there are several rules to be respected:

The hand-rolled hem should have 4 stitches per cm, as discreetly embroidered as possible. The thread should always be of the same colour and type as the thread used for weaving the handkerchief. The fabric is tightly rolled on itself to give the handkerchief its substance. The artisan is not allowed to stop in the middle of a rolling a hem – stopping will considerably alter the general aspect of the hem, when comes to straight line and even thickness. The angles of the handkerchief should never be cut, but rather hand-rolled at a straight angle, without putting excessive emphasis on the tip, which should never peak, or be rounded.

Today, the classic style codes are re-interpreted in modern ways and accessories of remarkable quality are as treasured as ever by those who know. The Simonnot-Godard house is perhaps the world's most treasured producer of fine handkerchiefs, as it actively participates in the evolution of classic style. In addition to handkerchiefs, the house offer a range of products of the highest quality, always with the same impeccable attention to detail.

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