Sealup was established in Milan in 1935. The company, which is currently one of the most important Italian rainwear and luxury outerwear makers in the world, means care and passion for luxury products.

History of Luxury
For four generations, Sealup has been synonymous with luxury Italian-made garments crafted with meticulous care. Recognized as one of the world’s leading producers of luxury outerwear, the company’s philosophy centers on uncompromising quality.

Made In Italy
Sealup is one of a small number of clothing manufacturers with an integrated product that is entirely Italian-based, with in-house fabric research and design capabilities. 
The company enjoys a unique patrimony thanks to a long tradition that has been handed down from one generation to the next. There is the historical archive of over 1,500 articles of clothing that has contributed to making Sealup a respected and revered brand.

Photo: Sealup

The latest generation of the Chiesa family has drawn on the experience of the three previous generations, who have built up the deserved reputation of the Sealup raincoat. Craftsmanship and passion are fundamental in this delicate process of change and generational transition. Given this, the decision was made to set up a research department within the company to experiment with shapes and fabrics as well as new machinery.


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