Subtle Luxury of CQP

Founded in 2013, CQP was born from a passion for long lasting design and a desire to create outstanding products of the highest quality. Everything branded CQP is created entirely in-house from the ground up in their Stockholm studio with a focus on materials, shape and graceful ageing.

Sitting down with our friend and CQP’s founder Mr. Adam Lewenhaupt, we wanted to learn more about their products, the process and the longevity they're aiming for.


What is the story behind the latest models from CQP brand and where did you find inspiration?

Over the past few years I have worked hard together with the team at CQP to update our collection into something more contemporary, but also with a stronger identity, while staying true to our core values of quality, comfort and thoughtful design. I am influenced by many things and try to soak up inspiration from a variety of areas. Architecture, art, design and fashion, both old and new. I always find it difficult to pin down exactly what inspires the most, rather it’s a mix of things.

You work with some of the finest materials and soles in the world. Tell us about your design process and production details?

We strive to create the finest possible versions of the various products that we create even compared to various global luxury brands, which means materials and finish play a big role. It’s about tactility, feel and perceived as well as real quality – and in the end the value and longevity of the products we make. We are always on the lookout for new materials and innovative manufacturers to work with. We test a lot of prototypes in order to get the designs just right. The smallest of details can make the biggest difference.

In my view, this is one of the best parts of the job, to never stand still and always improve while creating newness.


If you had to choose one product from your latest collection, what would it be and why?

Spring hasn’t been very forthcoming so far so I have used our soft boot Sabulo extensively to cope with the conditions. In terms of sneakers, my go to styles are Cingo and our all-new model Meander which for us, really has a novel and alternative expression.

You started with minimalistic high-quality sneakers and then expanded into boots, runners, casual suede chukkas and more, what can we expect from CQP brand in terms of new product lines?

Yes, I think we have changed quite a bit from where we started, while also staying true to our core. We continue to improve existing styles, while developing new ones, and will continue to focus mainly on footwear. In other categories, we have chosen to collaborate with other brands that we are fans of, rather than trying to compete with them. Our pipeline of new products feels very good if you ask me.


Which markets are you looking into now and where can we expect to find CQP in the future?

Despite being small and local, we have always thought of CQP as a global brand, with a global customer. We ship all over the world from our online store and via some very strong independent shops as well as major retailers. We are working to expand this footprint, while staying strong at home.


Finally, what’s your personal philosophy on style?

Style and fashion is something I enjoy as it is an expression of who we are, or want to portray ourselves as being. What we wear says a lot about us – being uninterested in one’s style is also a statement. Personally, I always focus on quality over quantity, I care a lot about how garments fit and I look for pieces that transcend trends. I look to accessories and of course shoes to keep my wardrobe and style contemporary. Subtle luxury has always been at the core of CQP and is something that I like very much.

Here is a selection of models available at Lund & Lund


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