CQP was born from a passion for great design and a desire to create outstanding products of the highest quality, offering a selection of hand made sneaker models.

Original Design
Everything branded CQP is designed entirely in-house from the ground up and crafted without compromise. CQP, which stands for Conversations & Quintessential Products, was founded in 2013 as Coloquy in Stockholm, Sweden.

Shoes We Love To Wear
Everything CQP does share certain key values; no compromises in terms of materials, construction or comfort, lasting design, subtle branding, and discrete colorways. Their sneakers are produced around their own specially developed last, designed to give a narrow and elegant appearance rarely found in shoes of this kind.

Only the finest Italian materials are used; from the leather or suede of the upper and the smooth calf leather of the inner lining, stitched to outsoles from Margom made of natural rubber. Inner soles have arch support and several layers of cushioning. To ensure further support and stability, soles have a metal shank, normally only found in fine dress shoes. 

Hand Finnish
Approximately 80 percent of the production is finished by hand by skilled craftsmen, giving each product a unique look and feel. CQP founders personally spend a great deal of time in the factory with the people crafting their products, to ensure the highest possible quality and finish.

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