Caruso combines meticulous construction methods with a modern aesthetic to create smart, stylish suiting. Offering a wardrobe meant to breathe and expand organically over time.

In 1958, Raffaele Caruso set up his company. Produced in Soragna, Italy, the Caruso clothes still have the same unique features as when the brand was founded: the use of materials, finishes, and accessories typical of luxury products and stylistic know-how leads to a unique collection every season, all whilst complying with ethical principles of sustainability.

The ability to nonchalantly break up schemes is certainly another Caruso quality. Loving things that are made well truly matters when the same things are not taken too seriously. Playfulness means lightness, but lightness is no absent-mindedness. In order to play, knowing the rules is mandatory: one has to possess the know-how to subsequently ignore, or mess up, all of the above.

Tailoring Excellence
Tailoring, traditionally, fits clothing to the individual, and this is exactly what Caruso heralds thorough collections that are arrays of possibilities. With sixty years of experience and a deeply steeped savoir-faire, Caruso prides itself on being an artisanal factory which is state-of-the-art but true to sartorial tradition. The result is a reverent take on irreverence, a call for thoughtful spontaneity.


British Luxury since 1860