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In recent years, the interest in men's shoes has increased, while the consumers are often well-read about the history and the craftsmanship behind different shoe models. We have taken a closer look into the loafer, a shoe model that has found a permanent home in the elegant summer style of men across the globe.

Some of these gentlemen like the late Sergio Loro Piana, found it to be more comfortable to wear their loafers without socks during the summer. Others wouldn’t dream of it. During the ‘50s young Ivy League students wore their loafers with white socks.

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In any case, a good quality loafer can elevate almost any outfit. We have chosen five styles that allow you to have fun and wear them just the way you like it.

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Top Five Summer Loafers

Tan Suede Barth Boat Shoes
While it is best known for its chunky pseudo-formal shoes, Paraboot’s "Barth" shoes in suede take a different tack. These hand-sewn boat shoes look much more like something from Sperry than the brand’s typical pieces.

Sand Suede Debonair Loafers
The "Debonair" is a premium slip-on with an added pinch seam along the toe of the shoe. Hand made with reversed suede, this easy-going loafer is unlined with a foldable heel. The slip-on is hand crafted using the finest materials, with the with the soft upper applied to a supportive sole.

Brown Grain Leather Driving Loafers
Car Shoe is an iconic Italian brand founded in 1963 when Gianni Mostile was awarded a patent for his new, innovative model of shoe that made motoring elegant and easy. It has been chosen by members of the jet set and prestigious politicians, such as Gianni Agnelli and John F. Kennedy.

Black Suede Polperro Loafers
Edward Green shoes embody timeless elegance. Black Polperro loafers are featherlight and designed to feel like a pair you’ve already broken in. Made for summer, they are your perfect travel companion for black tie events at sunny destinations.

Brown Leather Barth Boat Shoes
"Barth" model was inspired by the stitching found on Native American moccasins, used and developed by Paraboot since the 1960s. This stitching technique has come to be known as Blake stitching. These shoes are hand made from the very best leathers to ensure comfort and easy-going elegance.

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