Barba Napoli

Barba Napoli is one of the most well known and highly regarded shirt manufacturers in Italy and the world. If you appreciate hand-sewn details and a feel for the quality in every stitch, Barba is the brand for you.

Antonio Barba decided to open a small design studio in the suburb of Naples in 1960s. His choice came from his big love for the emblem of a classy man: the shirt. The impeccable production, following the rules of the Neapolitan tailoring school, is appreciated among those who want to wear tailor-made items, sewed like a second skin. Initially, his shirts were tailored for a select clientele only, chosen among the Neapolitan elite.

The Barba Napoli success is due to craftsmanship, the cut, the accuracy and the refinement of fabrics. In the 1980s, it moved to wider production, never giving up on the skilled workers, that every day carries out the delicate steps of a tailor-made shirt by hand: the armhole, the buttons, the buttonholes, the collar, the mouche and the cuffs. 

Lifestyle Brand
Over the years, Barba Napoli was working to develop an international brand, representing a real lifestyle. The supply gets rich with the production of jackets, coats, trousers, knitwear and a wide selection of accessories. All these things are the expression of the authentic Made in Italy, a style and manufacturing fusion.