100 Hands

100 Hands unite the past and present, blending the tradition with contemporary elegance. Each shirt is assembled with meticulous precision by a team of experts in the long experience of shirt making.

Experience and Heritage
With over 100 years of heritage in the textile industry and passion for obsessive craftsmanship, 100Hands offers a story with every handcrafted shirt it produces. Each shirt goes through skilled 100 hands before it reaches your hands. You not only receive a high-quality handcrafted shirt, but you also get the story of each person that is woven into each part of the unique process.

In the era where new industrialized mechanics can create almost everything, the golden touch of the artisan’s hands still wields the potential to produce magnificence that can never be replicated. The handwork ensures that every shirt is unique and has a character of its own.

A limited number of pieces are produced per year maintaining an individual personality for each piece. Each shirt is individually handcrafted between 16 to over 34 hours.


British Luxury since 1860