Guide To Naples


If you're into tailoring and football, Naples is a must-visit destination. There are so many highlights in this interesting city— from the large and well organised De Petrillo and Barba factories in Frattamaggiore and Casalnuovo to the small but incredibly affordable sartorias such as Vanacore, hidden in the small streets of Portici… Naples is a home to some of the most-skilled tailors in the world.


Upon arrival, Naples gives rough first impression. But if you know where to go, this city is full of life with many hidden gems that can be hard to find. During recent visit, we asked our Neapolitan friends, as well as some of our seasoned customers, to reveal their personal favourites.

Favourite hotels:

There are several good places such as Palazzo Turchini with classic-style rooms with a panoramic rooftop café in Via Medina and Grand Hotel Vesuvio – and elegant 5-star luxury hotel with amazing views of the Naples Bay and Mount Vesuvius in Santa Luicia. For something more laid-back, our friend Salvatore Nunziata brought us to the Resort Tre Fontane. The seafood, which we strongly recommend, can make your stay totally unforgettable.

Guide to Naples

Favourite restaurants:

In Naples you have to go to Ciro A Mergellina restaurant. Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo is an award-winning pizzeria led by a master chef who comes from a long generation of Neapolitan pizza makers. However, if you want an affordable stay, and simple but amazing culinary experience, go to Villa La Colombaia and ask for a classic pizza by maestro who has been making traditional Neapolitan pizza for 40 years! You will neither disappointed, nor break the bank.

Guide ti Naples

Favourite museums:

Naples has several historical sights to visit. Some of our favourites during recent trip, are the Royal Palace and Museo Napoli Capodimonte.

Favourite art gallery:

Blindarte is a family-owned gallery with an interesting collection.

Guide to Naples

Favourite tailor:

It’s Benedetto De Petrillo, of course – who else?!

Favourite shirt makers:

The world's best shirts are sewn in Naples. With hand-sewn features and a classic well-tailored fit, you will find some of the best manufacturers such as Barba and Luigi BorrelliSelection of shirt collars and fabrics at Vanacore atelier, is evidence of artisans clearly in love with their profession.

When to visit and what to wear:

While it is best to visit Naples between April-May and September-October to balance good weather and less crowds, the summer season gets very hot and crowded. Especially during August when most people are on holiday. If you still want to go during summertime, we recommend June.

The clear skies inspired Neapolitan tailors to create the much talked unconstructed jackets and use breathable lightweight fabrics. With such a distinctive climate, these pieces deserves to be handled by someone who appreciates its unique style. Here are some real-life examples.

Guide to Naples



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