The Perfect Cut

Photo: Lund & Lund

The Quest
At Lund & Lund, we love great pair of trousers. The right pair can be the most quietly powerful item you wear, but getting them right isn't an easy task. Our casual developments, The Cotton Trouser and The Army Chino, were hugely popular, so we decided to create another, more formal pair, with interesting details not available elsewhere.

This time around we worked with a dear friend and a menswear senior advisor, Mr. Lalle Johnson to develop, what we believe is, the perfectly cut trouser.

Photo: Lund & Lund

The 'Officer's Cut'
Our interpretation of the 'Officer's Cut' features high waist, straight fit with wider legs, double forward facing pleats, zip fly and belt loops. The goal was a thoughtful design and superior comfort, represented in both Sean Connery's James Bond 007 as well as the Khaki Drill Trousers worn by Commonwealth officers, adapted for today's lifestyle.

Photo: EON Productions

Vertical Pockets
To make the front rise look clean, we opted for the vertical pockets that run straight up the side seams, without pocket line intersecting the front rise. Such pockets are not easy to find on modern trousers, except as an option on custom-made trousers.

Custom Dyed Color
The original design was made in heavy off-white cotton gabardine, sharp and clean. While this type of trouser looks very chic in white, we added another, a bit more understated option in softer khaki cotton. This particular shade of khaki was custom dyed by our Italian fabric manufacturer, according to Lalle's meticulous instructions and is not available in the market.

Photo: Chapters1892

Versatile Staple
Straight fit and higher waist, especially when combined with a wider leg makes it work with vintage casual or workwear looks, as well as in dressed up context. Throw in a slouchy sport coat that provides contrast to the wide leg and high rise silhouette, to achieve totally different vibe.

This is our new trouser design proposition. We sincerely hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.

Off-white High Rise Cotton Trousers

Photo: Lund & Lund

Khaki High Rise Cotton Trousers

Photo: Lund & Lund


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