Tie Your Tie

Tie Your Tie legendary Florentine shop was founded in 1984 by Mr. Franco Minucci, and after some years he established a factory of handmade, artisanal ties. In 2011 both the brand and the factory were acquired by Mr. Kenji Kaga of SevenFold.

Photo: Tie Your Tie

Asian Market
For the Asian market, “Tie your Tie” is a separate company and produces in a separate factory, due to rights reservations. In fact, ties labeled Tie your Tie, in Asia are not produced at the original Florentine Sevenfold factory.

Global Market
In Europe, US, and in the rest of the World the very famous Made in Italy ties produced at the Sevenfold factory in Florence. attention to details and Italian design are trademarks that, for sure, you really can’t notice in the entire production.

Photo: Tie Your Tie

Today, the Italian luxury brand enjoys recognition as one of the top brands in high-end gentlemen's accessories producers in the world.

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