Tie Your Tie / Seven Fold

Tie Your Tie legendary Florentine shop was founded in 1984 by Mr. Franco Minucci, and after some years he established a factory of handmade, artisanal ties. In 2011 both the brand and the factory were acquired by Mr. Kenji Kaga of Seven Fold.

Photo: Tie Your Tie

Tie Your Tie Brand
The ties are made utilizing the highest quality natural materials, although time consuming, each tie is made using traditional production methods.

Seven Fold Brand
Seven Fold SRL was established in July 2011, following Japanese investment in a Florentine atelier famous for top quality handmade sette pieghe ties. The Seven Fold, almost a remnant of artisan craftsmanship, was saved by this lifeline and it now provides loyal customers with the continuation of traditional tie craft. Seven Fold is also a brand of artisanal and exclusive ties, distributed and requested all over the world.

Photo: Tie Your Tie

Today, the Italian luxury brand enjoys recognition as one of the top brands in high-end gentlemen's accessories producers in the world.


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