Good Living With De Petrillo

De Petrillo brand is all about Naples, finding and collecting the experiences through colours and textiles, and the sophistication of the high sartorial practice that is synonymous with the founder's beloved city.

Photo: BR Online

Strict attention to detail and meticulous research in finding the finest textiles make De Petrillo pieces synonymous with high quality, a result of many years’ experience and passion.

“Good living is a style, not a condition.” – Benedetto De Petrillo

The brand represents the values ​​that have always moved the De Petrillo family: passion, creativity and experience. According to the same principle, De Petrillo creates unique garments suitable for all personalities, where good living is a style itself, and not a condition.

We asked the founder, Mr. Benedetto De Petrillo, to share with us his top insights from their FW21 collection, now available in our store.

What is the story behind the latest De Petrillo FW21 collection and where did you find inspiration?

I believe that consumers nowadays examine brand values more and more, and seek to acquire not only a possession but also a mindset of the brand. The key is to develop and communicate the right message for our brand. So I'm always happy to interact with those who appreciate my passion and interests that I show in my collections. The inspiration for this collection are bourgeois aesthetics, sporting a rich and minimalist style at the same time. These aesthetics aren't inclined to excesses. Its ease smells of power which is the result of certainties acquired over time.

You work with some of the finest fabrics in the world. Can you tell us about the design process and manufacturing details?

Developing an idea that I have in mind, I always start from a cultural concept and then get to the colors and drawings. Consequently I refer to a specific decade. To achieve the above, it is inevitable working with our Italian mills to have them develop a specific fabrics that exclusively available for my own brand.

You started with classic suits and sports coats and then expanded into shirt jackets, coats, trousers and overshirts. What can we expect from the De Petrillo brand in terms of new product lines?

My main point of reference is always aimed at the final consumer. This is why I gradually try to offer new design propositions in terms of models and fabrics, to enrich their wardrobe and their living, with De Petrillo style. We are continuously expanding the product range that represenrs the De Petrillo style, suitable for more formal and business contexts but also for more casual situations.

If you had to choose a product from your latest collection, what would it be and why?

It is difficult to answer this question! I prefer to think with the idea of ​building ​a complete wardrobe, of course. Certainly my double-breasted jacket is a cult item for De Petrillo brand, always. I would recommend those who haven't tried double-breasted jacket to try it. At the end of the day, favourite garment to each one of us, is the one that makes us feel good about ourselves!

You are well known in the Far East like Korea and Japan. What markets are you looking for now and where can we expect to find De Petrillo in the future?

Japan in particular is a country that was the first to understand my passion, design and skills set, and rewarded me with their business. I believe there is a big growth potential for De Petrillo brand. To grow without huge marketing investments, the only way is to have a selected specialty store network with competent and passionate retailers like for example Lund & Lund; and over time this Club will expand with discretion.

Finally, what is your personal style philosophy?

The main referencer of my brand are beauty and culture. I try to express them with a humble approach in my daily style. The classic does not evolve, it adapts to the times. Hence the word “contemporary”—a word I care a lot about and is always with me in all my style choices.