Ambrosi Napoli

Ambrosi Napoli has been making trousers with the same Italian flair and passion for more than four generations. Current Master tailor, Salvatore Ambrosi works in the very same workshop that once belonged to his grandfather and has reached international fame with his completely hand-made trousers.

Each trouser takes about eight hours to make and is done by hand. From the masterfully-sculpted waistband to seams and hand-sewn buttons, the Ambrosi trousers must be experienced, once you have a pair there is no way back.

Photo: Permanent Style

Heritage and Details
Salvatore Ambrosi stays true to his heritage of impeccable taste with practical elements. Notable traits of Ambrosi Napoli are the buttoned cuff, allowing the trouser hem to be cleaned, along with an extended waistband.

Ambrosi makes only one kind of trousers. It ranges between slim to very slim cut, it features double inverted pleats, it is narrow bottomed, medium to low waisted, generally generously cuffed, and just a whisker on the short side - as is the style in Napoli. But the trousers are far more than the sum of their parts because, through years of experimentation, Ambrosi has arrived at a style of trousers that will make you instantly look 10 pounds lighter and three inches taller.